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Throughout the Pandemic our archers like all of us have been presented with amazing challenges on and off the field.  And yet, true to their character and training, and with the love and support of their families, Dallas, Ryan, Dale, Waverly, Maya, Gabrielle and Nurya have all graduated high school and are headed off to colleges throughout the country (Indiana, Boston, Staten Island, North Carolina, Brooklyn and Manhattan).  We are so proud of them all.

Great News from the Field…..

Winning in archery (as in life to be sure) takes many forms.  Obviously hitting the X/10 more often than not and achieving a high score is one very important way to win.  But this sport is more than that.  There is a mental game that is essential to winning as well.  A strong mental game is as important as a strong body.  Dallas demonstrated his skill in both of these essential aspects of winning at the 2019 Gator Cup.   At the end of the qualification rounds, Dallas was in 18th place.  He could be been bummed out, down on himself or given up.  But, Dallas never gave up.  He kept his mental and physical game strong and persevered.  Dallas went on to win match after match in the elimination rounds and made his way into the finals. There he narrowly missed third place to another very excellent archer.  Dallas gets excellent coaching without a doubt.  But he could not have moved up without a strong mental game.  A mental game that truly operates from being in the moment is focused on the now.  Dallas stayed focused on the arrow currently on the rest, not the shot before or the next one.  Yes, we learn from our previous shots and visualize our future success…but it is always one arrow / one shot at a time.

For more information about developing a strong mental game, check out With Winning In Mind by Lanny Bassham or resources listed on the US Archery website at website.

Press, press and more press

Check out the current Lancaster Archery Supply Catalog cover.  Guess who is on the cover?  Yup, Dallas Jones.  This was not an endorsement by Lancaster. They typically use pictures of archers on their catalogs.  But it is nice to see him there!

Coach Larry Brown and several Center Shot Archers were featured in the Wall Street Journal digital news platform on 1/19/19. The online article “The Brooklyn Apartment Where Shooting Arrows is Encouraged” by Zoland Kanno-Youngs.  It is quite wonderful. Here is the link.

On 1/22/19 the WSJ hard copy version of this article was printed and our story entitled Aiming for a Bull’s-Eye in Brooklyn appeared on page A12B.

And on 2/21/19, CBS2 – Snapshot New York with Steve Overmyer also featured Coach Brown.  This is an amazing and inspiring piece.  Here is the link.

You can also find this story on  Search CBS Snapshot New York: Archery Hitting Its Mark in NYC

Updates on Dallas who now competes in the Recurve/Cadet/Male/ Division

  • 1st Place 2019 Lancaster Classics
  • 1st Place 2019 Vegas Shoot
  • 1st Place 2019 Scholarship Tournament
  • 1st Place  2019 JOAD Indoor Nationals (Lancaster PA and Nationally)
  • 1st Place 50th Indoor Nationals (Lancaster PA and Nationally)

Be on the look out for the Winter Edition of our Newsletter with highlights on all of our archers’ achievements on and off the field.


DJ News Letter (2)

Our youth excel on and off the field.

Ryan running trackRyan continues to be an outstanding student (he is consistently on the  honor role) a very strong archer and now… a star in Track & Field.  We’re beginning to think there is nothing this young man cannot do when he puts his mind to it.  Further proof, Ryan was accepted to a very competitive high school pre-med internship program.  Congratulations to Ryan and his parents.

More Great News!!!! Center Shot Archers has expanded.

IMG_1821                      Please welcome our newest Center Shot Archers, Andrea, Charles, Joseph (not in the photo) and Lianna (also not in the photo)


hands on

Not only are our archers doing impressive things and leaving their mark on the world of archery…so are our coaches.  Coach Brown recently made an incredible trip to Dakar, Senegal to teach archery to teachers at the Senegalese American Bilingual School.  Go to our photo gallery tab for pics of this important transcontinental sharing of information.  New student does great

Congratulations also to Coach Philip who has taken on some new students to train and to Coach William for teaching solo his first beginners class this summer.  As one progresses we all do…

Our Journey to the Olympics 

Congratulations to Dallas on WINNING GOLD in both the 133rd US National Target Championships & JOAD National Target Championships at Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana.  Congrats to Waylon who took Silver and Ben who took Bronze.


Dallas, Dylan and Ryan shot in the 2017 Arizona Cup Tournament. They weathered sun, wind and dry temperatures.  We are proud of them.




July 2016 – 132nd US National Target Championships, 2016 Easton JOAD Nationals and US Open was a huge event. The archers prevailed through extreme heat, humidity, rain and delays due to intense storms.  Some matches did not conclude until 9:30pm. Our archers competed hard and brought home 3 Silver and 2 Bronze metals.  Kudos to Dallas and Eian.  Go Team!!!


July 2016 Outdoor Championship at Chemung.  Go Team!!!


Dallas at Gator Cup, Gainesville Florida, May 2016

2016 DJ at Gold Cup


May 30, 2016 Regional Dream Team East

Dallas, Ryan and Waverly were invited to attend the USA Archery Regional Dream Team East training camp.  They went through rigorous training with the USA Archery coaches and as a result of their strong performances, all three were selected to join the USA Archery Regional Dream Team – East.  This is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to their solid foundation and ongoing good coaching, personal fortitude and to the support of their families.  We are very proud of them.   


NJ 2015 Senior Olympics Games

Gold, Silver and Bronze Metal Winners in Archery  – August 9, 2015

SeniorOlympicChampions 8.9.15

Left to right:  Coach William Griffith (recurve), Coach Roberta Jones (recurve)

Coach Larry Brown (recurve), and Asim Muhammad (bare bow).


Press Coverage

On February 28, 2015 Coach Brown and CAMBA hosted the 10th Annual Battle of the Boroughs Tournament Catch the coverage by going to
On July 26, 2012 Coach Brown participated in a wonderful and inspiring youth program hosted by the NYC Commission on Human Rights.
Check out the links below for print and video.  

New York Post Article (4/2/12) the Daily News Article (4/20/12)Coach Brown was interviewed on CBS News today 5/9/12 by Cindy Hsu. 

Follow the link 


On August 11, 2011 Coach Brown and Center Shot Archers Tyler Lowther, Enrique Perez, Daniell Martinez, Carlysle (CJ) Brackin, Gabriel Perez and Roberta Jones joined talk radio host M. Saidia McLaughlin (right) on Education at the CrossroadsSports in our Schools on WBAI-99.5 FM. This was an incredible experience for us all. Listen and be inspired.

Go to Education at the Crossroads 8/11/11, 7-8pm



CSA 2010 Year End Newsletter  follow the link to see some of the wonderful things Center Shot Archers were involved in throughout 2010.Carlysle Brackin and Tyler Lowther Win at the 42nd National Indoor & JOAD Championships!  Click to read about these two incredible young and archery champions.

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