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Hard to believe…but here we are at our 16th Annual Battle of the Boroughs Archery Tournament sponsored by CAMBA Beacon 2/19/2022. Lots of fun and winners all. Good to be back!





Coach Brown was recently in Dakar, Senegal at the Senegalese American Bilingual School (SABS) founded by Stephanie Nails Kane.  This amazing school has a very rich curriculum which now includes archery.  Coach Brown taught the fundamentals of archery, and equipment maintenance and repair to a group of teachers, coaches and archers.  Using equipment Coach Brown brought with him as a donation to their program, he taught them how to shoot better, and to teach/support each other so that they could better train their students.   While in Senegal, Coach Brown also met with another small group of archers and coaches who hope to build a National Senegalese Archery Team.

Each one teach one and sustainability is possible.

2017 133rd US National Target Championships and US Open in Westfield, Indiana.  Congratulations to all of the archers who finished this amazingly difficult tournament.  We had hot sun, wind gusts up to 24mph, clouds, rain and very cold temperatures…and did I mention high winds!!!

See below Center Shot Archers, friends, family and supporters.

2016 132nd U.S. National Target Championships, Easton JOAD Nationals in Decatur Alabama.

May 2016 Regional Dream Team East Training Camp, Gainesville Florida

7/2016 New York Championships at Chemung Gun and Rod.  This is the last year Chemung will host this tournament.  We thank them for their challenging sloped field and friendly and supportive staff.  Once again we had a ball and walked away with a few metals. Thanks for the memories.

February 13, 2016:  The 11th Annual Battle of the Boroughs Archery Tournament sponsored by CAMBA and organized by Coach Brown.  Congratulations and thank you to all of the participants, their families and especially the winners.

2014 Outdoor Nationals

DSC_5239 DSC_5091_2  DSC_5068_2  DSC_5076_2

   DSC_5079 DSC_5071_2 DSC_5103  DSC_5216    DSC_5082_2 DSC_5084_2 DSC_5085 (2)  DSC_5088_2   DSC_5113 DSC_5123 (2) DSC_5123 DSC_5129 DSC_5139 DSC_5157 (2)  DSC_5159 DSC_5160 DSC_5168 DSC_5178 DSC_5179 DSC_5181 (2) DSC_5181 DSC_5187  DSC_5207  DSC_5218 DSC_5222 DSC_5234  CSA at practice 2014 Nationals Kai 2014 Nationals Kai Andrea and Roberta 2014 Nationals Practice kai on the line 2014 Nationals Tyler 2014 Nationals 2 Tyler 2014 Nationals 5 Tyler 2014 Nationals 6 Tyler 2014 Nationals 7 Tyler 2014 Nationals 8 
On June 14, 2014 Coach Brown organized the Children’s Aid Society sponsored 10th Annual Bronx Community Championship Archery Tournament. Over 90 archers from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Long Island came together to compete a decade of competitive archery in the Bronx.  Although the vast majority of the archers were elementary, middle school and high school students, the actual age range of participants was 6 years old to 77 years old. It was truly an amazing event.Thank you Children’s Aid Society, parents, program directors, volunteers and of course the archers for making this a very memorable event.   See pictures from before the tournament (registration, equipment dispersal) during the tournament (shooting, scoring) balloon contest, and presentation of trophies to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners, and Brooklyn Champions.

1795 1792 1790 1762 1758 1755 1752 1743 1739 1733 1711 1702 16971879 1915 1918 1927 1929 1931 1938 1947 1948 1959 1963 1964 1970 1971 1983 1989 1996 2006 2007 2012 2019 2033 2049 2050 21022104210821302144215421712057218221832184218521872190219221962197

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2286 2288 2294 2297 2298 2301 2302 2305 2307 230922602321

2318And Brooklyn Took The Trophy…this year!!!


Kai, Kit and Andrea at the Indoor Nationals.  Definite champions all!!!   IMG_4238  IMG_4272  IMG_4381 IMG_4383  IMG_4400 IMG_4401 IMG_4402   IMG_4410 IMG_4409   IMG_4413  IMG_4417   IMG_4429 IMG_4430   IMG_4451 IMG_4453 IMG_4454 IMG_4455  IMG_4467 IMG_4469 IMG_4470  IMG_4480 IMG_430745th U.S. Indoor Nationals Fiskdale NY with CSAs Kit (Christian) Barcellos, newest CSA Andrea Nieves and Kai Hutton.  This was Andrea and Kai’s first major tournament.   *********************************************************************** The 129th U.S. National Target Championships & 2013 JOAD This says it all...   Coach Brown, Kit, CJ, and Tyler    The Journey Continues…  Tyler 2013   Tyler 2013 1  Tyler   photo (11)  Tyler and Luman Jordan   Focus and determination  Jordan and her dad Edward  DSC_0493   DSC_0531 Jordan's Team Round    This Team Took Bronze           Kit shooting Team Round   Kit shooting Team Round   photo (4)   Kit's TeamCJ Kit and Ben        The Team All Done*****************************************************************************Jordan Locklin at the SoCal Showdown at Chula Vista.  She is a bright and beautiful young woman and seriously precise with her bow.   DSC_0173Jordan at Chula VistaMore News as we get it about her ranking.        Photos from the 44th  U.S. National Indoor Championships & 2013 JOAD National Indoor Championship at Fiskdale, MA 2/22-24/2013…and more to come!    Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 17Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 1Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 4Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 6Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 8 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 9 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 10 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 11 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 12 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 13 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 15 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 16 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 18 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 19 setup Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 19 TL lower left Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 19 Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 ipad tracking Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 supporters galore                                     Indoor Nationals MA 2-2013 20  ***************************************************************************The 128th Nationals and 2012 JOAD Hamilton Ohio-July, 2012.  Boy was it hot…so hot that the officials called a halt to the tournament very early one day because participants and judges were being ill affected by the intense heat. Soon after ending for the day, a tornado blew through wrecking havoc for local residents (some were without electricity for days) and on the archery field.  Targets, tents and a very sturdy trailer were all dislodged.  Thanks to some very committed volunteers, we were able to resume the tournament the next day.  Left to right front row: Maryann Locklin, Jordan Locklin, Gabriel Perez, Roberta Jones, Enrique Perez, Coach Brown, (back) Edward Locklin, Keshon St. Bernard, Carlysle (CJ) Brackin. 


Arrows were not the only things flying in Ohio.  After the tournament we met some dedicated pilots of miniature remote-controlled airplanes.  Absolutely amazing.  
Center Shot Archers learn many useful skills in addition to championship archery.  Here they are constructing the crossbar for the screen that catches arrows that miss the target (a frequent occurrence for beginning archers).


Sacramento, California JOAD Tournament – July 2011

We met some wonderful people in Sacramento.  Maryann, Edward and their daughter Jordan Locklin are remarkable people and Jordan is an outstanding archer.  Since JOAD, Jordan has placed 1st at the State Games of America, Chula Vista, CA, 1st in the Cub Division at the Fall 25 meter Indoor Classic and 1st in the Quest for the Best Olympic Elimination Rounds  in Georgia. Her record this year includes two national and three state championships. WOW!!!! We are very proud of her.  

(Left) Jordan, her mother and father, Maryann  and Edward Locklin.  (Right)  Jordan receiving her 1st place metal at  the JOAD Nationals 2011



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