Meet Center Shot Archers Inc., America’s first Black and Latino Competitive Archery Team

Brooklyn’s Center Shot Archers was established in 2008 by pioneering African-American archer and coach, Larry Brown.  After serving as the first black coach of Columbia University’s women’s archery team,  Coach Brown decided to dedicate himself to bringing the sport to New York’s inner-city youth.

Coach Brown has been teaching archery in school based programs since 2004. When some of his students began to exhibit superior skills, he realized they needed a platform to further develop their talent and move to the sport’s next level.  With that realization, Center Shot Archers was born. While focused on supporting African-American youth who did not have access to this sport and/or quality coaching, no archer has ever been turned away from our program and consequently we are multicultural.

By applying Coach Brown’s core principles of persistence, patience, focus and physical training, Center Shot Archers are distinguishing themselves on the American archery circuit by consistently winning and placing at state, regional and national tournaments.  Each Center Shot Archer has an Olympic Dream, and is working with grit and determination to achieve it.

Please visit this site often to get  exclusive news on our team whose members are rapidly developing into world-class athletes.

As Coach Brown has noted :  “Never before has there been a group of African American and Latino youth participating — and winning — at  this level of competition in the sport of archery.”  By following their progress, you are witnessing history in the making.  By supporting Center Shot’s fundraising efforts, you can be an active part of that history, helping to bring us closer to the day when one or more Center Shot Archers will become members of the U.S. Archery Team or the U.S. Junior Dream Team.  And after the first, many more shall follow.

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